Vacation Property Management

Zapple looks forward to adding Vacation Property Management to our menu of options available for both our Silver Valley Owners and Renters. You can expect to see our same passion and devotion to exceptional service with Vacation Properties starting in late fall 2014.

Commercial Property Management

Good things come to those who wait. We will be enlarging the portfolio of Zapple to include Commercial Property Management in 2015. We are looking forward this expansion as we anticipate great things to come to The Silver Valley from this addition.

Zapple Investor Services

As an investor you are looking for:

  1. Good returns.
  2. Legal tax breaks.
  3. Security.
  4. Capital appreciation.
  5. Honest, clear communication.

Zapple's Investment Team shares your perspective. We have developed our team and skills from years of hands-on real estate development experience; and no one knows challenges and opportunities of The Silver Valley's real estate market better than the Zapple Investment Team. We'd love to put that knowledge and experience to work for you and your future.

Zapple Total Home Care

You don't have to be a Tenant or Owner with Zapple to call upon Zapple Total Home Care (Zapple THC) to help you get your property into peak condition – and keep it that way.


You name it – We clean it! Call us to help you get ready for that special event, or if you need us to set you up on a regular cleaning schedule. Our staff are professionals who are trustworthy, courteous, thorough, efficient and hard working.


We can perform 100's of the minor repairs that constantly crop-up inside and outside homes. We bill at $40/hour which is half of what it would cost you to call a plumber or electrician. We do not mark up materials purchased for your job. And like our cleaning team, our maintenance staff are professionals who are trustworthy, courteous, thorough, efficient and hard working.

And if a job is too big for Zapple THC or requires a permit or licensed professional we have a team of Preferred Vendors we can call on to get the job done efficiently and professionally. And because we are a high volu – and often times at a slight lower rate than homeowners.


From finishing your basement, to adding a bedroom or bathroom, to moving your washer/dryer; Zapple THC can get the job done. Zapple THC can increase both the value of your home and/or the rental value of your investment property. If you have an idea, we can turn it into reality.

Disclaimer: Zapple Property Management and Zapple Total Home Care are separate companies but share the same ownership.

Zapple Home Watch

We've all heard the horror stories of bad things happening to homes while the owners were away. If the damage would have been caught sooner the cost could have been minimized. With regular visits to the house perhaps the vandal wouldn't have broken in. Zapple Home Watch is here to help give you peace of mind while you are away.

Interior Checks

  • Doors and windows secure, no signs of forced entry damage, and vandalism
  • Furnace/Air Conditioner, proper setting and operation
  • Water leaks from interior sources (hot water heater, plumbing)
  • Water leaks from exterior sources (roof, ceiling, basement)
  • Smoke and CO detectors, proper operation
  • Refrigerator (if left on) or mildew accumulation (if turned off)
  • Electrical panel for tripped breakers
  • Room lighting changed per owner's request.
  • Faucets and toilets proper function, no leaks
  • Visually check for pests/insects/rodents
  • Condition and cleanliness after authorized vendors/guests

Exterior Checks

  • Lawn damage or trash
  • Exterior lighting
  • Vents, gutters and drainage
  • Garage secure
  • Mail/Newpapers moved per owner's request
  • Check Pool/Spa
  • Lawn Mowed/Snow Removed

Your home will be fully secured upon completion of inspection.

You will receive notification of all inspection results. (In the event a problem is detected that requires immediate attention, you will be notified by phone. After contacting you, we will provide assistance per your instructions.)

Zapple Home Watch Pricing

$50 Single monthly visit
$75 Bi-Weekly visit
$125 One visit per week
You can use Zapple's convenient On-Line payment system.

Additional Services:

Vehicle Maintenance ($50/mth): Ran each visit during inspection and taken around block 1/month
Special Presence (Priced Accordingly): Someone at your home for a service call, delivery, etc.

All Zapple Home Watch Personnel Are:

  • Trained and Tested
  • Insured and Bonded
  • Have passed a Background Test
  • Participate in Zapple's Continuing Education Classes

Some Zapple tips if you are going away in the Winter:

Shut off outside faucets that are not frost free. Shut off lawn sprinklers, and have them blown out. If your not going to use your Hot Tub have it drained and winterized. Check and Secure any outside shed, garage, or crawl space that might become a winter home for wild animals. Store any grass seed, bird seed, or pet food in metal containers.

You can have the water system drained if you're gone for an extended time. Most new homes are designed to have this done fairly easily. Older homes might be more difficult to do. You might want to have your Plumber take care of doing this for you. If you can't drain your house or don't want to, then make sure that your heat is set for no lower than 45 degrees and open cabinet doors near faucets. Remove window AC units. Close any storm windows. Check that all window and door locks are working. Put an old broom handle or other piece of wood in the track of sliding glass doors/windows.

Stop mail or news paper delivery. Notify your local police and Alarm Company that your home will be vacant and give them your contact information. Consider calling Zapple Home Check for piece of mind.

Zapple's Far Out Plan

Just because you are outside Zapple's service area doesn't mean you can't have access to many of the excellent services Zapple offers. You can take advantage of our aggressive world-wide advertising even if you don't have Internet; not to mention On-Line Applications. And there's much more to our Far Out Plan that will make your property accessible to as many potential tenants as possible. We are thrilled to help you get your property rented at a fair market value to a qualified tenant.

Zapple's Far Out Plan Includes:

  • Rental Analysis
  • Thorough Property Condition Report (A huge protection of your investment.)
  • Tenant Condition Move-In Report (Protection for your tenant)
  • Unlimited marketing on 100+ websites for 6 months
  • Rental signage
  • On-Line Tenant Application Services
  • 100 point Tenant Background and Credit Checks
  • Copy of state approved Lease
  • Federal and State Fair Housing Information
  • Led-based paint disclaimer
  • Support and Advice from Zapple's Licensed Property Managers

Cost of Zapple's Far Out Plan: $500